Lightning Bolt album Lyrics and Track Listing by Pearl Jam

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Lightning Bolt Lyrics and Track Listing by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt is the follow up to 2009’s well received Backspacer album. Like that record, Lightning Bolt is produced by the legendary Brendan O'Brien (Stone Temple Pilots, PJ, RATM, Bruce Springsteen).

Pearl Jam has soundly transitioned from the upstarts of rock (Ten - Vitalogy era) to the more wise and mannered ‘Dads who still know how to rock the heck out’ phase of their career. You could argue this started with Riot Act… 

Track Listing - clicking in the link will take you to Eddie Vedder's lyrics.


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    1. In Lightning Bolt "flying toward the great northwest" is not followed by "yeh, yeh, yeh"
      It sounds like "change it here" or "change adhere"