'Let the records play' lyrics by Pearl Jam

jeff ament, mike mcready live on stage

'Let the records play' lyrics by Pearl Jam


When the Kingdom comes
He puts his records on
And with his blistered thumb hits play

And with the volume up he goes and fills his cup
And lets the drummer's drum take away the pain

Breaking, Forsaken...
What's that you're taking?
Aaw, needing the feeling
He lets the records play

Should the future dim
A cigarette lights hymn
Vaporized a green light grin

And when the shotglass talks
He knows to listen up
Until he's nice and numb again

Shakened, Awakened
Not one for faking
Kneeling, his healing
He lets the records play
There's wisdom in his ways

I been down and I fell so hard and far from grace
I been hurt and I still recall the flaws on her face
I been off, but I'm on, up above my feet, my feet again

Shaken, Foresaken
What's that your taking?
Aaw, needing the feeling
He lets the records play

Shakened, Awakened
Not one for faking
Kneeling, his healing
He lets the records play
There's wisdom in his ways

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  1. Should(??) the future dim

  2. "Showed the future dim"?

  3. I’ve been off but but I'm up on my feet, my feet again

  4. "needing, his feeling"

  5. is this some reverence played out for Deep Purple? I saw them play Dirty Frank for RHCP, Inside Job for Pink Floyd and sounds very much like this one for DP...

  6. I think this is about someone who finds peace in rock n roll. I think a lot of now-grownup, formerly angsty latch-key kids, can relate. The appeal of the grunge movement, I think in part, was that it spoke to what a lot of gen-x kids were feeling and offered a bit of artistic depth that made it effectively meaningful to them. Beyond that, I think all music can have that affect if the person is open to it.

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    Got your message.
    Call me when you want to meet up in that parking lot near 1st Ave.

    -Ninja Turtle

  8. Thursdays work best for me. Thats my regular wkly day off.
    All day.

  9. Got that message about the girl with the annoying umbrella.
    I will take care of that tonight.
    Are you paying for my parking at that lot, btw?
    I dont need my car to get towed.

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    It will be ok.
    It will all work out.
    You'll see.

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  12. Gil Scott Heron's Me and The Devil
    The Avalanches' Frontier Psychiatrist
    Bobby Womack's The Bravest Man in the Universe

    It aint all about Pearl Jam.
    There's other great creative works of art out there, people!

    Mind Your Manners



  14. I much enjoy 'Woman's Gotta Have It" by Bobby Womack.
    Everything about that song.
    Including the bass line.

    A man that puts it all down in a song, raw emotion like that. Soulfull.
    My Kind of Man.

  15. Thank you to the person who started this blog.
    This blog allowed me to reunite with the man that I love.
    Thank you to the band, Pearl Jam, for writing relevant music. Music that brought two souls together that somehow oddly understood one another even though we were raised on opposite sides of the country, from different backgrounds.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I cant ever thank you enough for the music & the memories.
    Not that the band will ever read any of this but who knows?
    Not that they would ever be so bored to read through all this drama...

    Anyhow, we're done posting here.
    Im moving to California by the end of the year and moving forward in life with a man I trust 100% with my heart.
    I trust in him b/c he trusts in me.

    I wish everyone a much easier time stumbling upon the one they're meant to grow old with.
    It might not be easy but it will definitely be worth it.
    L O V E.