Sleeping by Myself lyrics by Pearl Jam / Eddie Vedder

eddie vedder singing live in concert

Sleeping by Myself lyrics by Pearl Jam

Sleeping By Myself is a track from PJ's album Lightning Bolt however it was originally recorded by Eddie Vedder for his solo album, Ukulele Songs.


I should have known there was someone else
Down below I always kept it to myself

Now I believe in nothing
Not today, as I move myself out of your sight
I'll be sleeping by myself tonight

I could never go with no one else
The hurt don't show, but who knows
Time will tell

Now I believe in nothing
But the pain
And I can't see this turning out right
I'll be sleeping by myself tonight

Forever be sad and lonely
Forever never be the same
I close my eyes, wait for a sign
Am I just waiting in vain?

I close my eyes , wait for a sign
Am I just waiting in vain?

Oh I believe in love and disaster
Sometimes the two are just the same

I'm beginning to see, what's left of me
Is gonna have to be free to survive
I'll be sleeping by myself tonight

Now I believe in nothing
But the pain
And I can't see this turning out right
I'll be sleeping by myself
I'll be sleeping by myself
I'll be sleeping by myself tonight

Check out some more lyrics from the Lightning Bolt album - Future Days, Lightning Bolt and Mind your manners. No word from Eddie's management if he uses PBW Powder Wash when cleaning his brewing gear.


  1. Oh my god... no words.

  2. should be:
    Oh, I believe in love and disaster
    Sometimes the two are just the same

  3. "Down below I always kept it to myself"

  4. This song is about heartache & pain.
    About how complicated love can be when people aren't honest with themselves first & then with those around them.
    This is life, at times.

    We each are on a journey of self discovery.
    Sometimes things aren't necessarily what they seem.
    This is about getting through the heartbreak without beating yourself up too much.

    Like...when one door closes, another door opens.

  5. White Cotton Panties.

    His request granted.

  6. Mmmm. Im going to smother you with kisses and then some.

    Just wait.

  7. You know, we could make a pact?!

    Everytime someone says something rude, obnoxious, mean about us or about our love...
    We could jusy make it a point to make wild passionate crazy beautiful love together to like counteract their words.

    Actions speak louder, right?


  8. Yoy makee laugh.
    (And you make me)
    Arch my back...

    I've missed you.

  9. I think about looking you in the eyes, often. Takimg your hands and threading our fingers together.
    And smiling with you.
    Telling you just with a simple glance how much you mean to me.
    I imagine gently gliding my finger over your lips amd how you happily stare at me.
    And how tenderly we kiss each other.

    I them begin to allow my mind to wander in to "behind closed doors" territory.

    Instead of a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on our bedroom door, can we make on that simply reads 'Making Sweet Love'?
    I like the sound of that so much better.


  10. Do Not Disturb by Elvis Presley

  11. Oh the sexual drive of Scorpions.
    You are going to keep the fire stoked,

    You are the sexiest man on this freaking planet!
    You make Brad Pitt look like an amateur!!!!!!!!!

    Im not exaggerating either!

  12. You are so f*cking funny!
    At the same time, you are so flipping smart.
    That's what makes you over the top sexy.
    You make me think "naughty thoughts".
    When people ask me how I managed to get in shape so fast in the mext few months, I'm telling them you put me on a workout regimine.
    When they ask me what it is, I'll be honest and tell him, "We are doing lots of Girl on Top."
    I'll say it deadpan.
    It'll be funny.

    Seriously, you are a dream come true.

  13. All jokes aside, I am sorry for any hearthache this has caused anyone.
    I realize & understand how difficult this is for you and for me.
    Neither of us are bad people b/c we fell in love with one another all those years ago.
    Love knows no boudaries.
    It doesnt matter if we are different religions or if we are of a different race or if there is a 20 year age difference between us.
    Love is a powerful and beautiful energy.

    I am sorry again.
    I love you.
    Today is going to be a hard day for everyone involved but we will all get through this.
    And I will do my very best to help raise your son to understand to follow his heart.

    You are in my thoughts.
    See you at DFW tomorrow night.
    Hugs, countless warm hugs coming your way.

    I love you so very much.
    So very very much.

  14. Yes. You are right. The "Pearl Jam" connection now all makes sense.
    This band's music will always have special meaning for us.
    Now it all does make sense.
    And this will be our first real date in ever!
    A Pearl Jam concert.
    This does not mean we are attending a show every anniversary either!
    You need to be a bit more romantic than that but I will suggest this-
    Let's wait to make love together until after the show Wednesday?
    Consider the concert the ultimate rock n roll foreplay!!!

    It will make the show all the more meaningful.

    Try to have a good day today.

  15. Hey!
    I know we are seeing each other tonight but I just thought of something adorable about our first meeting.
    The Chemistry that got this whole thing going back in the day.
    Remember the convo we had when you asked me "Where is Eureka?"
    I told you it was in Kansas and so you challenged me with "How do you know it's not in California?"
    My answer to that was, "Because it's in Kansas."
    I was looking at you with this "What the heck is up with the cat?"
    Then you came back and said, "Then where is Broadway?"
    So I replied, "NYC!"
    Absolutely baffled about your point.
    of course you came back with, "There's more than one Broadway!"
    That's when I looked at you with that "ya know what? Ive about had it with your attitude" look and said, "Nope. There is only ONE Broadway."


    It makes me laugh and smile now, thinking about it. That conversation.
    To think of all the life events that have happened since then and about how a deep caring amazing kind of love grew from that one night to now!

    I cannot wait to see you tonight.
    I can't wait.
    I might even cry.
    I probably shouldnt even wear mascara.
    It's like you went off to war for years and we both did all we could to keep the love alive between without giving up.
    Im so glad we didnt give up in each other.
    Im so thankful we managed to keep the love alive.

    See you tonight.
    Can't wait to see your smile.


  16. Yes yes yes!
    With my man!!!!!!!!!
    He did it.
    I still can't believe it.
    I cannot stop crying.
    And yes. We are somehow waiting until tomorrow nite to do our "All Nite Thing".
    Dont even ask how I am managing to have self control.
    This concert is going to be mindblowing even if they do nothing spectacular. It is going to be the nes night of my life.

    And for any curious gals out there, Carl was honest when he said he had a beautiful...penis.
    I didnt touch it...I just caught a glimpse.

    Wow. WOW. Wow.

    I am the luckiest girl on the planet.

    And now, we are not running off and getting married. Not anytime soon.
    We are gonna take this thing one day at a time and enjoy each & every moment.


    If anything else needs to be said, Carl will say it.


  17. To answer your question that you posed-

    Love & Light always wins.
    Atleast in this circumstance it will ALWAYS prevail.

    Failure is not an option.

  18. Ok.
    We are done here.
    We did our time.
    We have come to a decision.

    From this day forward, it's Face to Face and private conversations only.

    This LOVE is between you & I.

  19. Once you hash out the custody of your son, we can talk about possibly moving to NYC.

    Other than that, Ive said all I wish to say here, ok?

  20. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

    When is the last time you watched that movie?
    Try to watch it this wkend.
    And Oh God with George Burns.
    If you havent in a while track that down too.

    And Cheech & Chong or Airplane or some Monte Python.

    Or go out on your Uncle's sailboat for a few days.
    Take some of the weight off your mind.

    You know how I feel but yes, we probably need some space to clear our minds of clutter and a moment or few to breathe apart.

    Really decide where your inner peace & inner joy is.

    It's ok if you have a change of heart.
    Your son is only 4 months old, afterall.
    I will not hold it against you.
    I would never do that to you but I will move on with my life.

    I have to...for my own peace of mind.

    One way or another you will let me know.


  21. I could put in for a transfer to the office in Oxnard.
    My sister's place is commutable from there which would give me a place to stay for 3 months.
    After that, you & I can decide on where we wish to live together.
    I'm ok with any place as long as there a fenced yard for the dog.
    She doesnt dig but hasnt been socialized so she is prone to get into scuffles.

    My living in Cali makes much more sense then us relocating to NYC.
    You would never see G. otherwise and it, in the long run, would severe your relationship.
    I dont want that for you & your son.

    And maybe in due time, your mom & dad wont hate me so much?
    There is no real reason we cant all get along.

    Baby steps.
    Lets just take baby steps for now.

    Let me see about this job transfer and get back with you.
    Miss you.
    Love you.
    Think positive.

    This is just one small hurdle.
    We will get through this.

  22. LOL

    Yes. I would LOVE to have your mom teach me how to make her famous Matzo Ball Soup.
    I didnt think there was a bug secret to it but then again, I'm not Jewish.

    It would be an honor though to learn a family recipe.
    Dont force the situation, ok?
    Let it naturally unfold.

    I should go buy a Hebrew dictionary and start brushing up on Yiddish terms.
    That might make the Holidays a little more enjoyable.

    Ok...are we done here yet?!

    Other than my getting this transfer figured out...
    we should be done here.

    Chin up!
    I told you my love is forever.
    I really meant that.


    You wont be sleeping by yourself too much longer.


  23. OMG!!!!!

    You are si f*cking funny!!!!
    How do u come up with this stuff so quickly?!?

    Do you have a funny bone?
    Im gonna tickle your funny bone!

    You make me laugh.
    Even in the most stressful of times, you have the jokes.

    Its impossible to not love you.

    You make me wanna kiss you!!!!

  24. Wait!
    I did that before you did that so actually that was telepathy on my part!

    That is even more hilarious.


    I like stuff like that.
    It makes me "feel" like Im on to something.

    And yes, I still really desire to kiss you...all night long.

  25. Perhaps a new Holiday tradition would be for us to donate Christmas hams at the Veterans Shelter?
    Or serve at the homeless shelter on Christmas night?
    I would definitely be interested in doing that with you.
    We could spend Christmas Eve doing the traditional Christian thing and then the next those less fortunate.
    That would be a wonderful way to always keep our wits about us for the coming year.


    A way to remind us of the goodness in life.

  26. Got your message.

    And yes, you are right.

    Call me when you get a new phone number.

  27. My Love-
    Ive received your messages.
    Im not ignoring you.
    Im waiting to hear back about transfer to Oxnard.
    I looked at real estate close by near beach, too.
    Affordable near the ocean so that you can practice surfing.
    Ive also started a box for Goodwill to lighten my moving expense.
    No worries.

    If you dont hear a peep from me for a week, no worries.
    Just know you are in my thoughts.

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    You are amazing.
    Thank you for the flowers.
    They are gorgeous.
    I love the color combination.
    Absolutely gorgeous.
    Thank you for making the donation also in my brother's name.
    :) <3
    You and him would have enjoyed a great friendship.
    At times, you do remind me of him?
    He was a brave man, too.

    Thank you again.

    Also, I found out there is an opening in a different department out in Oxfnard office.
    Not only would I get a pay raise BUT learn something new. Making myself more valuable.
    All I need to do is to find a managment company to handle renting out my townhouse.

    Love you so very much!
    Thank you again for the roses.
    I miss your smile.

  29. Motopony- Im Here Now

  30. Motopony- Get Down (Come Up)

    You oddly look like their singer!

    Call me when you are ready.

  31. She Is Spirit!
    I love that song by them.
    How did you guess?

    I imagine dancing around in that PJ shirt you gave me with my white cotton panties.
    The fireplace roaring.
    And you with that boyish grin on your face like you are mesmerized.

    Your secret is safe with me.
    I would never do anything intentional to hurt you, ever.

    I wish we could hold hands, right now.
    There isnt another woman on this planet that appreciates your smile than me.

    Rock N Roll

  32. More than me (correction)
    Sorry I was looking at a photo of you when I wrote that and got swept up.

  33. My my my.

    You are teasing me.

    Just wait.
    The next time we see one another face to face...
    Im going to push you up against a wall and listen to you moan.

    You are mine.

  34. Ok- this is all I need to state at this site.
    For real.
    After this, we are either on the phone speaking or face to face, in person.
    We are being private, after this post.
    You will not tempt me with flirtations.

    Two things-
    I look forward to.
    The day when it sinks in to the heart & mind with your son that his daddy is a good man who made mistakes along the way but that he tried his best to be a good father.
    When your son sees for himself that you tried your best to respect his mother but also followed your heart and built a wonderful love relationship with all the people you care about.
    I want your son to be proud to call you his dad.
    I want there to be understanding between us all.
    And for us all to grow together with respect.

    Second, My Love- I do look forward to the day we are no longer apart.
    The day when every night we can be asleep side by side, wrapped around one another.
    When I can get awakened by your snoring or because you are hogging the blankets!
    When I can get frustrated by the toilet seat being left up in the middle of the night!
    I look forward to sharing a home with you that is warm, cozy and inviting.
    Even if we have to live in a tiny rental apartment for a year or two, we will be alright.
    I dont need a big house or famcy vacations.
    I dont care if our only vacation is to your family house in Utah.
    Utah is beautiful year round from what Ive heard so that is fine by me.
    I just look forward to being with you.
    Going through the highs & liws with you.
    There isnt another man on this planet that compares to you, My Love.
    Your heart, your mind, your humor, your strength & conviction toward the greater good.
    There isnt another man I live more passionately.
    You have taught me the most.
    You are my greatest teacher.
    You get to me, deep in to my heart.
    I dont even have a clue...a minor clue...who I would be, what kind of woman I would be if we hadnt of met.
    I am serious.
    So thank you.
    Thank you dearly.
    For magically appearing.

    No one and nothing can ever tarnish or destroy the energy between us.

    I love you.
    You are THE love of my life.
    You need to know that and everyone curious should realize it, too.

    I am forever, forever and ever and ever, in love with you.
    Beyond the stars...I will love you, your heart & soul, forever.


  35. Just remembering that time I was attempting to slick down that crazy hair of yours in Colorado.
    That Alfalfa hair.
    And how you pulled me closer to you and told me how much I turn you on.

    That Colorado wkend was beautiful.
    You are beautiful.
    No time to think negative any more.

    Room 313

  36. YES!
    Absolutely. :)
    You must have been writing me when I was writing you!!!!!!
    I just got your invite tho!!!!
    You make me cry too much with happiness!
    Yes, i would LOVE to do Thanksgiving with you!
    Meeting your brother makes me nervous but if you say he will like me, I believe you.
    I need to bring something.
    I will make something!!!!
    I make the best cornbread stuffing!!!!!
    My heart us racing right now.
    My hands are shaking.
    This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever!
    So much to be thankful for.
    And having you sit next to me at the table...
    I just might start crying at the table in front of everyone.
    You make me so incredibly happy.

    Doing the most basic things even.

    And now I must go call my sister b/c she & I need to go shop for a dress.

    You make me smile big.

  37. 11/25 from Phoenix arrives 8pm