Who did the artwork for Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt album?

don pendleton lightning bolt pearl jam

The track list reveal for Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt album featured the systematic release of art work as the name of each song was let loose into the wild. That artist was Don Pendelton, and it appears Pearl Jam has quite the affinity for the man.

Don's website states:

"Don Pendleton is an American artist whose techniques range from creating digital and hand painted artwork for his legendary body of skateboard graphics to original acrylics on canvas for gallery shows, murals, conceptual art, and installation pieces that merge linguistics with his narrative artistic vision."
If you want to see more of Pendleton's work and designs, pay a visit to his website, Elephont. There's some interesting stuff to be found there!


  1. There is so much symbolism in the album that I dont even know where to begin.

  2. Is there any reasoning begind all this symbolism?